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We all have dreams... the big ones, like running a multi-billion dollar company or exploring the deeps of Mariana trench, and small ones, like losing these five pounds more before vacations. Our dreams might be noble or completely vain and selfish, ambitious or completely trivial. We all dream of what we might achieve one day, of what we might become. Me? I have only one dream. That dream is to change this world for better. It sound bold - I know - but whatever you might think about this statement. This is my life goal. It's not about money or fame, I don't want to impress anyone either. I simply wish to become part of something that will make my life meaningful. Something that will contribute to the humanity, and make this world a better place.

So here I am. 27 years old, Transport and Logistics Engineer, Maritime Academy Graduate, Photographer, Stock Market Investor and dreamer. Science and History nerd and sports passionate. In love with art and sound of classical music. Person known for his imagination and obsessive perfectionism. Always looking for new, exciting challenges and inspiring people to work with.

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Oskar Skowronek

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Oskar Skowronek


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